Red Vein Treatment


Broken Veins/Spider Veins

What are broken or spider veins?

Broken veins, or spider veins, are tiny veins just under the skin that look like a sunburst, a spider web or just red dots that can be flat or raised on the skin. They can also appear as short, unconnected lines and many people have them. Although they’re not dangerous, you may want to talk to the skincare expert here at Rouge beauty salon who can sort them out quickly and comfortably for you.

Spider veins are usually caused by a blend of genetics, the upsurge in hormones at puberty, birth control pills, pregnancy and hormone replacement therapy. Also, the older you are and the more sun damage you have had over your lifetime, the more likely you are to get them.

A lot of Irish women get spider veins on their face due to exposure to windy conditions and weather extremes and because they have more fragile and delicate facial skin.

Apiderme treats visible red capillaries and red dots (anginoma) by placing a small, disposable probe at the end of the capillary line and releasing a tiny amount of electrical current for a few thousandths of a second to create heat. This coagulates the blood causing it to be re absorbed by the skin. This is a new method for the removal of skin imperfections and it’s really comfortable thanks to the speed and efficiency of the treatment. The results are instant.

Price For Treatment: 15 min – €60

A Free Consultation And A Patch Test Is Required.

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