Diathermy (red vein treatment)

Diathermy (red vein treatment)

Diathermy treats broken capillaries and red veins  on the face. Mainly around the nose, cheeks and chin area. The treatment works by heating the blood in the capillary via an electrical current, leaving no trace of the blood vessel.
This type of treatment can result in complete removal, or significant improvement in appearance. Lifestyle plays a role in any results.

Q: What is  Diathermy?
A: Diathermy is a very effective method for treating thread veins and spider veins on the face. A very fine needle is used to prick the skin over the thread veins and spider veins and then an electrical current is passed through the vein which is heated and sealed. Over the course of a few weeks, the vein withers and disperses and becomes much less noticeable. Diathermy has a 95% success rate for the removal of these veins.
Q: Does it hurt?
A: It can be slightly uncomfortable
Q: Will I see results immediately? 
A: You will see an immediate and considerable difference after one treatment. Your skin may be slightly pink or puffy where it’s been treated but this will soon settle down. True results will be apparent 4 to 6 weeks after treatment. It might be necessary to have further diathermy sessions for complete removal.
Q: Will the veins come back after Diathermy?
A: No, once the capillaries have been cauterised they are reabsorbed back into the blood supply and will not return. New veins may appear though.

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