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I volunteered to post this comment.  I have been a client of the Rouge Salon for five years.  I felt it was time to show my appreciation.
Irene is extremely professional in the care that she takes when giving pedicures and manicures.  I have never had such attention anywhere else; at home or abroad. I\'ve been using the Bio-Gel or three week manicure for the past few years, so I always have lovely long nails.

The neck and back massages are excellent, and I\'ve also given vouchers to friends and family.

I\'ve love facials and like the products that the salon provide.

Tatyana and Stella ensure that all products are of a high standard, and have consistently been friendly, kind and charming over the past few years. That is a great achievement.

My thanks to you all and see you in three weeks time.


Rouge Beauty Salon: A Hidden Gem of Dublin

I received a call to go experience Rouge Beauty Salon

for their bio sculpture nail service and their unique Sugar Waxing. Sugar Waxing… I thought, "does that mean pain, pain and more pain?" I am not a great believer in achieving beauty the aggressive or invasive way so I tend to avoid all aggressive treatments to my body. I enjoy all the beauty methods used in the East because they have such a non aggressive approach. When I arrived at Rouge I was so pleasantly surprised with the wonderful decor and ambiance of the environment from the rouge carpet to the rouge rooms and the wonderful lighting that immediately detached me from the hassle of finding a parking place and paying the meter in the rain.

I was greeted by the beautiful Tetyana Chemerynska whose skin radiates health and beauty. She first did my nails and gave me many tips on how and why she chose bio sculpture for ROUGE over other products. Tetyana is one of the owners of ROUGE and spends a lot time researching a brand range or product before she allows it into ROUGE. Bio sculputre nails are the most non aggressive protection for your own natural nails. When bio sculputre is being removed it doesn't damage your own nails. They are also more cost effective than other nail products available in salons. Tetyana's style of applying the nails was gentle and pleasant and once finished as we all know when you can achieve beautiful nails we can gain graceful hands and much more confidence within our selves.

Tetyana's Explanation for Bio-Sculpture:

Bio-sculpture nail overlay Also known as "everlasting polish" "Bio sculpture gel promotes beautiful, flexible and strong nails, naturally. It provides a chip-free, shiny, flexible protection for both the finger nails and toe nails, and helps keep the nails looking manicured for approximately 3-4 weeks." "Gel is applied to the surface of your natural nails, helping promote nail growth without extending the length, giving additional strength and helping to reduce breaking, splitting and peeling. Available in variety of colours, french and clear or can be used as a nail hardening treatment."

After my glorious nail treatment with Tetyana she brought me into a beautiful ROUGE room full of wonderful soft music and fresh aroma. I explained to her I don’t like waxing as it is so aggressive and painful. Tetyana then explained because of this she had chosen the sugar waxing treatment for ROUGE Beauty Salon. So I gave Tetyana my trust and there was little or no pain at all and her skill and speed made the whole experience full of ease and effortlessness. Tetyana explained many people travel quite a distance just to do the sugar waxing in ROUGE. I have to recommend it to men and women as a must treatment.

Tetyana's Explanation for Sugar Waxing:

"Body waxing is one of the most popular means of removing unwanted body hair. Waxing easily removes unwanted hair for up to 6 weeks. A hair follicle can produce up to 3 hairs so continued waxing will get all of the hairs that are in the growth cycle." "Here at Rouge we have a range of treatments to suit your specific needs to maintain the look you are happy with – or prepare you for holidays or that special occasion. Waxing is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the rate of hair growth. Over time, waxing can help reduce hair density."

With nails and painless waxing all completed, Tetyana invited me to return to ROUGE for a Unique Facial Treatment with a Product called Nimue from Africa which Tetyana researched for a long time and uses on her own glowing skin. The scientific derma cosmeceutical skin care range:

"Nimue's introduction of Alpha Hydoxy acids in the correct concentrations, combinations and strengths, as well as vitamin A and antioxidants, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin E Ester, into its products is considered one of the most significant breakthroughs in this care. The unique combination clears, refines and renews the skin down to its deeper layer."

So I will be returning to ROUGE to experience the opportunity to have glowing skin like Tetyana with the Nimue facial treatment.

I would recommend ROUGE BEAUTY SALON highly for all ages of men and women. They also open on Sundays. Booking in advance is required as this little hidden Gem is much sought after... I shall give you my update on NIMUE FACIAL TREATMENT so stay tuned...

Bernice Maria Paolozzi