Hands and Feet

Classical manicure
(60 min) - €25-00

Classical manicure includes several steps: nails are filed; a cuticle remover or cream for softening cuticle is applied on the skin around the nail contours. Hands are put in warm-salt bath; after that the cuticle is gently pushed back with a stick and removed with nail clippers or scissors. By the end of manicure the skin around the nails is softened by special oil and then nails are painted by the colour of your choice.

Classical pedicure
(60 min) - €45-00

The treatment starts with exfoliation of the feet which are emerged in the warm foot bath to soften the skin. The therapist then uses the special instrument to remove hard skin on the sole of the foot and the cuticle around nails. Nails are trimmed and filed and then painted to the colour of your choice.



File and paint


French polish

extra €2-00